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Solar panel covered bicycle station

It is also possible to cover the bicycle stations with solar panels. These solar panels are able to cover the energy needs of the station. To charge the bikes 1A is needed, so an average 10 pieces bicycle charging station can be provided with 10p/250 W solar panel.

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Information panel

The information panel is located at the rental stations. The users may find a multilingual IT column, where they can register and pay for the system. The information panel allows the users to remove the vehicle with a code from the station. Furthermore, they may get information about the occupancy of other stations and it is also provides details about the opportunities of the regarded city.


Smart solutions, payment solutions

Payment methods

GPS tracking

  • Sends the e-bike’s position periodically
  • Heartbeat function in every 30 seconds - safety service, detects the device’s problems and malfunctions
  • Current location could be requested via text message as well
  • Notification of the battery’s disconnection
  • Very sensitive antenna (-164 dBW)
  • Continuous uninterrupted operation- from the e-bike’s battery - It runs on the same voltage as the e-bike
  • Unique GeoFence - polygon style, any shape - warning area before leaving the border
  • Overview page - real time tracking of the e-bike’s last position
  • Easy download for the data

Shaft drive technology

Instead of using a chain, the Shaft-Drive System ensures the safe bike ride. Thanks to the metal alloy shaft-drive, the service demands for the electric power assisted bikes is significantly reduced, making these bicycles even more attractive to users.


Heated battery

With a special technique we made our bikes "winterproof" in order to extend the opertaional period for the whole year!