PBSH Projects

Urban Mobility

We would like to implement a new alternative public transport form for the city dwellers and townspeople. (stations are installed 300 – 500m apart from each other)

Campus Program

Students would have an alternative option to deal with the distance between university campuses, dormitories and jobs by taking the bicycles. Stations could be installed near to dormitories or other accommodation centers and operated by the universities or campuses.

Corporate Mobility

Companies can make employees’ lives easier by offering a cheap, fast and easy to use transportation option. Installing the intelligent bike sharing system at a facility and at main junctions to make the travel easier for everybody.

Tourism Project

The active tourism is getting more and more popular nowdays. To increase foreign and domestic tourism, we would deploy intelligent bicycle rental systems near at the tourist destinations so those could be reached more efficiently. (stations are installed five, 10, 20, or even 30 km apart from one other)