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Kaposvári Tekergő -

Bike Sharing Scheme (BSS) is a self-service, short-term, one-way-capable bike rental offer in public spaces, for several target groups, with net-work characteristics.

We believe that a sustainable and enjoyable environment is vital for every community and a public bike sharing system could lead the way. We want to help to improve the life, health and mobility of city dwellers with a new, alternative urban public transport that is easy on the wallet and the environment at the same time. The electric bicycles energy need could be renewable energy, made the system free from the fossil fuels. The system can be tailored for the individual user, so costs can be calculated easily and be kept low. Unlike motor vehicles and other means of public transport, the bicycles are quiet and lightweight, so the environmental impact is minimal, making them a perfect public transport solution to a modern and environmentally-friendly city.

Cityebike Kaposvári Tekergő project history

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