új generációs közbringa állomás

​Public Bike System Hungary is the first 100% domestic enterprise which develops, products, installs and operates electric public bike sharing schemes in Hungary. The year of 2015 was year when PBSH entered the international and national market. A number of domestic projects such as the touristic electric bicycle sharing scheme along the way in Ős-Dráva and the alternative electric bike share system in the city of Kaposvár have been launched in this year. Further touristic institutions have been supplied by e-bikes and we introduced our bike share system to several cities and municipals. At Public Bike System Hungary, we strive to create the best alternative transportation system to help citizens, commuters, students and tourists get where they want, when they want. With our power-assisted bikes even the distance, or up the steepest hills, our users can travel without breaking a sweat.

Our company prefers electrical pedelec system powered bicycles in the bike schemes. We believe that through this type of bike we can involve the widest target group. Our mission is to reach the most people we can, even those who have not been enjoying the pleasures of cycling for a long time. Our bikes’ advantage is the electric assist which helps the cycling up to 50-60%. Considering this tool, to travel with our bikes in hilly areas is just easier and more fun! Public Bike System Hungary wants to raise sustainability in the public transportation. To achieve this goal, PBSH offers the ultimate shared-transportation solution. With its next-generation electric-assisted bicycles, combined with our latest IT solutions and payment methods, PBSH offers the newest way in the transportation!

Our developments mainly focus for the bikes electric assists. The 100% green projects consider replacing fossil energy with solar energy. The bike sharing system operates with PEDELEC assisted e-bikes. The system is built according to the latest European developments, compliance with the EN15194 standard requirements. Continuous IT developments are carried out considering bicycles pick up solutions, applications, and payment methods. Our product developments deal with the establishment of electric bike filling stations, in order to create urban and tourist destinations charging points.

Electric and manual bicycle sharing systems

In 2016 through the latest developments Public Bike System Hungary offers to produce not only electric bike sharing schemes but also manually installed bike share schemes. Uniquely the system of PBSH is capable to integrate a mixed system into a sharing scheme as well. It means that in one station manual and electric bikes can also be integrated –distinguished by colors the users can choose between the two systems.

The following chart shows our public bicycle share system versions.

Purely electric power-assisted bicycle sharing system

Electric system

Purely manual bicycles-sharing system

Purely manual bicycles-sharing system

Mixed - electric and manual bike-share system

Mixed - electric and manual bike-share system